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:O adorable all the feels all the fucks I give am I bothered? angry are you fucking kidding me awesome awkward bedtime both bowing bring it on bullshit bye bye bitch can I get pregnant from this? check this clapping cold confusion congrats creeper creepy crying dancing deal with it do not question us drinking drunk embarrassing evil eww excited fact fainting fighting Film: Alice in Wonderland Film: Austen Film: Avengers Film: Back to the Future Film: Bambi Film: Bridesmaids Film: Constantine Film: Despicable Me Film: Down With Love Film: Easy A Film: Emperor's New Groove Film: Fox and the Hound Film: Harry Potter Film: Henry V Film: Hercules Film: Hunchback of Notre Dame Film: Hunger Games Film: Iron Man Film: Lilo and Stitch Film: Lion King Film: Love Actually Film: Mean Girls Film: Megamind Film: Mr Bean Film: Night of the Living Dead Film: Pirates of the Caribbean Film: Pocahantas Film: Princess Bride Film: Rocky Horror Film: Sleeping Beauty Film: St Trinians Film: Star Trek FIlm: Star Wars Film: Tangled Film: The Incredibles Film: Thor Film: Winnie the Pooh Film: X-men Film: Zoolander flirt FML friends frustrated fuck fuck you Gatiss gay giggle go away go me grammar grannies guilty gutted HAARG! happy haters gonna hate head canon accepted hi Hiddles high five horror hot hug hungry I DO WHAT I WANT I know it makes no sense I regret nothing I salute you I try I will try to fix you I win I'd fuck me I'm clever I'm not a pervert if you say so indescribable emotion innuendo insane iz ded jealous judging you kill me now kiss kitten laughing let me love you lies Llamas in hats Loki lol love madness mature mind blown Moffat music mwaahahaha my body is ready nearly Nigel Thornberry no not my division not today now kiss oh shit oh well oh yeah OMG Oooh ovaries partying penis perfect perfect sentence please behave point well made procrastination pull yourself together punch puppy rain random reading right in the feels sad scared sexy shocked shut up sigh slap sleepy smashing smile smug Snape song of my people speechless stalker Sue Sylvester surprise swearing teasing thank you this thumbs up traumatised TV: Big Bang Theory TV: Doctor Who TV: Fairy Godparents TV: Family Guy TV: Friends TV: Game of Thrones TV: Hollow Crown TV: Misfits TV: My Little Pony TV: Pingu TV: Pokemon TV: Sesame Street TV: Sherlock TV: Sherlock Holmes TV: Spongebob Square Pants TV: Star Trek TV: Supernatural TV: The Hollow Crown TV: True Blood TV: What's My Line? TV: Xena uhuh upset wait wanker want wave weird well done what why not why? win wink winner Wonder Woman worship WTF yay yes yes I fucking am zombies

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