My Rebels, my war blogs have worked. i told u that the african americans n my country will be lookin 4 ya'll to save them bcuz ya'll have passed em. but they had all this time to save ya'll/alert ya'll/speak up 4 the Rebels/donate their entertainment money but never did. but only to the poor/needy over there. [the poor/needy is the people who trust the west/united states bcuz ya'll Rebels aint living poor bcuz ya'll dont trust them. its just a trick from the west/united states about the poor/needy over there] the poor/needy had no power to save ur freedom/oil rights. u Rebels did. I had no time/money and still spoke up 4 ya'll and it worked. Plus NaNa helps ya'll anyway and ya'll know it bcuz ya'll meet wit him on regular basis. but in other words ur a Mobb and loyalty is everything in Mobbs/World Mobbs. so all these blacks over here thats gon start ridin your di$%s bcuz ur winnin. u ask them where was ya'll when we wasnt winnin? keep up da good work my Rebels n Africa/World Mobbs. the world is ours!!!!!!!!!+!! p.s. and look at all this n.a.a.c.p. groups needin help and in Atlanta Georgia but nobody helps them just like nobody helped the King children in their disputes while on the news channels/tv lookin stupid. but everybody wants to ride ya'll di$%s in my country bcuz ya'll are winnin by teamin up with my World Mobbs. they dont care in other words!!