Newest Admissions Representative Rebecca Roe is excited to join the team at the Minnesota School of Business Rochester Campus. Rebecca considers herself an “education junkie” that has a passion for learning and helping others seek and find success in their own lives. Rebecca lives in Rochester, MN with her two sons, Owen and Wyatt, ages 8 and 6, and their pet Gecko “Pete.” In her spare time she enjoys running, hiking, and reading. Her previous experience includes corporate sales and media marketing. She has sold everything from legal drugs to bibles for a large publisher and her interest in marketing has always driven her passionately into self-study of cross-cultural and social media marketing. “I look forward to helping people from all walks of life identify their true passion and make positive changes in their own lives.” Rebecca would like to thank the entire staff of the Minnesota School of Business for making her feel welcome in her new position in Admissions.