$350.00 Up for sale are a lot of 81 Ty Beanie Babies. I inherited these from a relative and don't have the room for them. I also do not know MUCH about these such as generation, year or retired or not I can tell you that all of these are in pretty good condition! They are ALL smoke smell free and no smell to them. Please ask all questions before bidding! Thanks for looking and good luck! ( YES SOME ARE RETIRED!) This auction includes: (2) - Hissy the Snake (2)- Mooch the Monkey - Jabber the Bird -Cheeks the Baboon (2)-Stretch the Ostrich -Freckles the Leapord -Dotty the Dog -Chocalate the Moose -Smoochy the Frog (Big) -Pouch the Kangaroo (2)-Smooch the frog (small) (Retired)-Goldie the Goldfish -Pinky the Flamingo (2)-Strut the Rooster -Rosalie the Bear -Rover the Dog -Aurora the Polar Bear (Retired)-Mystic the White Unicorn -Lizz the Lizard -Bongo the Monkey -Rainbow the Gila Monster (2)-Scoop the Bird (2)-Chip the Cat -Rufus the Dog (2)-Doby the Dog (2)-Mel the Koala Bear (2)-Peanut the Elephant -Blackie the Bear -Stinger the Scorpion (2)-Claude the Crab (2)-Iggy the Iguana -Bruno the Dog (Retired)-Pugsly the Pug (2) Rocket the Blue Jay -Regal the Dog -Tracker the Hound Dog (2)-Twigs the Giraffe -Patti the platypus -Snort the Bull -Fleece the Lamb (2)- Inch the Worm (Retired)-Stretchy the Bird -Speedy the Turtle -Nuts the Squirle -Zip the Cat -Schweetheart the Orangutan -Pinchers the Lobster -Happy the Hippo -Bongo the Monkey -Antsy the Ant Eater -Bones the Dog -Spunky the Cocker Spaniel -Waddle the Penguin -Nook the Husky -Millennuim the Bear -Early the Bird -Curly the Bear -Valentino the Bear -Halo ll the Bear -Batty the Bat -Fourtune the Panda -USA the Bear -Pecan the Bird -Stretchy the Ostrich - Un-known name -Un-kown name